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£69.96  £41.98

Rebound Plus

These capsules contain 6% CBD oil, 40+ terpenes and flavonoids. The capsules contain also daily dose of vitamins C, B2, B6 and D in micropellets.

£69.96  £41.98

CBD Oil 6%

Our 6% CBD oil contains full spectrum of cannabinoids, 40+ terpenes and flavonoids. Blended with organic sesame seed oil for added benefits.

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Customer Testimonials

I suffer from anxiety and depression. After trying the oil, it has changed my life!
Tom Harris
United Kingdom
This has definitely aided with my recovery from Covid-19. Feeling much better since I started taking it (Rebound Plus)!
Mel Keat
United Kingdom
Love, love, love… I would recommend the CBD oil 6% it works and the smell of the terpenes is awesome!
Tracy Blunt
The Netherlands
The best CBD oil I have ever tested. I use it to fight my headaches and menstruation pain, it eases the pain straight away.
Jane Lewis
I’ve been using the CBD oil for just about 3 days now and can already see improvement with the bursitis in my hip along with other body aches and pains. Thank you!
Emy Johanson
United Kingdom
Wonderful products and friendly, knowledgeable people. I have loved every product we have tried and the results are amazing. We highly recommend them.
Sonja Vrajik

Our products can help with...

Anxiety relief

Digestion aid

Flu / cold relief

Sleep aid

Sports performance

Stress relief

Meet Scott

For more than 30 years, Scott has been cultivating some of the most sought-after medicinal cannabis strains such as CBD and CBG, offering consistent seed-to-shelf quality to both consumer and wholesale customers around the world.

Scott Blakey (BSC) has been researching, cloning, extracting, breeding, trading, speaking and exhibiting about various strains of Cannabis covering a multitude of applications on a global scale.

In 2009 Scott founded the CBD Crew, the first scientific based breeding company that enriched CBD (Cannabidiol) in Cannabis whilst simultaneously reducing the THC concentration for medicinal purposes.

Canna360 Community

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