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Novel Food

Novel Food License Application Legal Requirements

The UK Government’s FSA have announced that all companies selling CBD products in the UK after 31/03/2021, must have submitted a validated Novel Food License Application. This will allow their products to legally remain on sale after this date. Any company not complying with these regulations will have their products removed from sale.

This is very good news for the consumer, as they will easily be able to see if their chosen CBD products are compliant with these important regulations. This will certainly boost consumer confidence in the compliant CBD sector, as well as ensuring that ongoing research in this exciting field is conducted on safe, independently tested products to guarantees customer safety and product quality.

Sciva Association

The Canna 360 product range has been designed and manufactured by Sciva International s.r.o., a leader in the base product supply of Cannabis related products, uniquely founded on well-established genetic material, all manufactured to the highest GMP standards and under the Novel Food authorization process by EFSA since 2018.

The Canna 360 range developed by Sciva Corporation is fully compliant with the Novel Food dossier and ahead of the UK market with applications having been successfully accepted by the EFSA, and the EU Food Domain registry for the validation of the authorisation process.

Food Standards Agency

The Novel Food authorization application dossier is a robust, complex and highly technical document that requires scientific evidence-based data, including:

  • Products must undergo toxicology testing, very similar to that of a pharmaceutical product, as the first measure of safety of usage
  • Further set of studies called ADME must be undertaken to assess absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of CBD in the body after consumption. It is also essential to submit stability studies, so that the consumer can be assured of the validity of the expiry date.
  • FSA: click here