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“We curate and manufacture high end, quality CBD products that provide innovative and unique solutions.”

Our pure plant-based products are:

THC free

Laboratory tested

100% Organic & Vegan

Grown in natural and consistent conditions

Novel Food. Highest EU, GMP & FDA standards

Pure, quality seed to shelf CBD

From one genetic source

Full of cannabinoids and terpenes (entire spectrum)

Rich terpene profile

CBD Pioneers

Our range of pioneering products have been cultivated from some of the most sought-after CBD strains in the world originating from one single production source perfected over 30 years by one of the world’s leading CBD geneticists Scott Blakey.

Scott and his partner Dr. Iva Hoskova (Ph.D) are market leaders in cultivation, pharmacology, chemistry, and innovative product development, delivering the highest standards and meeting all regulatory requirements. 

All our products are under Novel Food registration and have been manufactured to the highest EU, GMP & FDA standards. Laboratory tested.

Seed to Shelf CBD

For over 30 years Scott Blakey has been cultivating and growing organic biomass under natural conditions, developing a full spectrum of products rich in cannabinoids and terpenes based on over 30 years of extensive research and development.

Scott and his team have led the way in seed to shelf experience, producing CBD in a fully 360° controlled seed-to-shelf environment, making Canna 360 the place to go to in the UK to find the best quality CBD products produced to the highest EU GMP and FSA standards.

Join the Canna Community and experience a wide variety of high end, EU GMP quality, hemp-based products containing outstanding terpene profiles from Our Shop. Our full range includes Novel food, cosmetic and wellness products. 

Meet Scott Blakey

For more than 30 years, Scott has been cultivating some of the most sought-after medicinal cannabis strains such as CBD and CBG, offering consistent seed-to-shelf quality to both consumer and wholesale customers around the world.

Scott Blakey (BSC) has been researching, cloning, extracting, breeding, trading, speaking and exhibiting about various strains of Cannabis covering a multitude of applications on a global scale.

In 2009 Scott founded the CBD Crew, the first scientific based breeding company that enriched CBD (Cannabidiol) in Cannabis whilst simultaneously reducing the THC concentration for medicinal purposes.

Exclusive Partner

Canna 360 is the exclusive UK partner of the Sciva Corporation, manufacturing and extracting products under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions, under EFSA regulated Novel Food registration in accordance with EU legislation, and offering consultation in breeding, genetics and international regulatory affairs.

Sciva Corporation was founded by one of the world’s leading CBD geneticists Scott Blakey and his partner Dr. Iva Hoskova, PHD, an internationally renowned professional in pharmacology-toxicology, product-development and regulatory affairs, focused on developing a range of high end, high quality base products such as water-soluble CBD, CBD and CBG isolate, derived from wide spectrum whole plant extraction based on a single selected hemp plant.

About Sciva Corporation

Sciva Corp are committed to highly innovative R&D, bulk supply and distribution, researching new administration paths based on a vast pharmaceutical knowledge bank, and supplying a full range of bulk, Novel Food and cosmetic products distributed around the world.

These products have an edge above all others with their rich full spectrum terpene profile. Secondly, the main emphasis is that these high-end products are working exceptionally well for a plethora of physical and mental health issues. Thirdly, the products are GMP manufactured and under the Novel Food registration process by EFSA since 2018. And fourthly, all products are individually grown from their own selected plant, harvested, dried and processed by Sciva own chemists to an exceptionally high level, thus keeping the base extraction unique and consistent.

Only available from Canna 360 in the UK.