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My doctor recommended this CBD oil to me because of the chronic pain I have. I also suffer from anxiety and depression. After trying the oil, it has changed my life…I used the other brand drops and they did absolutely nothing for me. I will forever purchase my products from this company.
Tom Harris
United Kingdom
Wonderful products and friendly, knowledgeable people. I have loved every product we have tried and the results are amazing. We highly recommend them.
Sonja Vrajik
This has definitely aided with my recovery from Covid-19. Feeling much better since I started taking it (Rebound Plus)!
Mel Keat
United Kingdom
That’s the best CBD oil I have ever tested. And it really works, I use it to fight my headaches and menstruation pain, it eases the pain straight away.
Jane Lewis
I’ve been using the CBD oil for just about 3 days now and can already see improvement with the bursitis in my hip along with other body aches and pains. Thank you!
Emy Johanson
United Kingdom
Love, love, love… I would recommend the CBD oil 6% it works and the smell of the terpenes is awesome!
Tracy Blunt
The Netherlands

Solving 2 problems at once

Following surgery, I took 4-5 drops of the CBD oil during the day and a capsule at night. The relief was instant and really helped with both the discomfort but also had an amazing calming effect during this stressful time my surgeon and consultant struggled to understand the rapid scar healing process, also I had no pain killers at all even though they kept offering me them! I suffer from Glaucoma and I started taking the oil; following my operation the pain stopped in my eyes! I have been back for tests now twice during the last 6 months and have been given the all clear!
United Kingdom

Cannot imagine life without your products

The 6% oil really helped us when our 14-year-old ‘Rottweiler’ entered his final years, it really eased his suffering and improved his quality of life we trust the purity and intention that goes into making these products and cannot imagine life without them. Thank you
The Spencer Family
Scandinavia / Canada / California

This is the best I have felt for a long time. Unbelievable!

I suffer from several autoimmune symptoms, similar to those who have Lyme disease + fibromyalgia … what an incredibly high-quality product your 6% oil is… Already from the first day I could feel a change – my muscles relaxed and my head felt clearer. After a week there is a definite improvement to my skin, gums and energy level and I have not had any headaches or nausea at all.

CBD 6% for spinal cord injury

I am a quadriplegic after breaking my neck in a diving accident. I suffered an incomplete lesion to the spinal cord. I also suffer from an autoimmune disease HS which is incredibly painful.As well as improvements in my pain and spasm I do notice an all round improvement in my well being, I seem a bit more chilled and less stressed as well as maybe a little more focused.
United Kingdom

CBD 3% for hypermobility, fibromyalgia, persistent pain and insomnia

I suffer from “Hypermobility, fibromyalgia, persistent pain and insomnia… from the first day of use I slept approx 5 hours which I have not done in over 15 years… With a better sleep pattern I am able to manage my pain better and my mood is generally much better too.
United Kingdom

CBD 6% for gastro-intestinal issues

I have been suffering from gastro-intestinal issues for 2 years now… my symptoms range from mild abdominal discomfort to severe insomnia, inflammation, nausea and pain.Since I have been taking your oil, my symptoms have subsided significantly and I can sleep much better. The oil has also been helping massively with my moods… able to deal with pain and get on with my day.
United Kingdom

CBD 6% De-toxing from morphine

I was recently misdiagnosed with lung cancer – I actually had cryptogenic organising pneumonia – and am currently de-toxing from morphine prescribed medically. Instantly I know that this oil is going to help me with this process and already after just twenty minutes feel that I will not need to continue my tapering off program from Oramorph at all. Incredible!
United Kingdom